Pita Pit can Help Make Your Next Fundraising Event a Success... and Healthy!

Fundraising with Pita Pit Etown

  • Sports Teams, Churches, Organizations/Clubs, Schools, Parent Teacher Groups...etc.
  • We'll customize our Fundrasing around you and the successful campaigns you've done in the past.  We can match profit margins.
  • The reason why we're everyone's new favorite choice is because we make it at a time that's convenient for your purchaser.
  • There's no factory line of sandwiches, no cookie cutter vegetable bags.  Fresh and healthy ingredient all the time.

We also many other fundraising opportunities such as; guest pita rollers, night out, and many more.

We make it so simple and our way is faster and easier. It's 3 steps...

  1. Contact Us by phone
  2. Order your customized Fundraising Cards and
  3. Go Sell!

Here's the specifics:

  1. Contact Andrew at 717.689.3126 or 215.681.6862 (Personal Cell Phone)
  2. Choose your selling price. Your cost will be $5.00 per Pita Card you sell. We recommend a selling price of $7. This can be a salad as well.
  3. Next you choose how many Fundraising Cards you'd like to start with (don't worry you can always get more and you only pay for what you sell). We customize them for you with the name of your organization/group/team/etc., a 3 (three) month expiration date from the time you receive them, and our store signature. They are redeemable only at the Elizabethtown Pita Pit during our normal business hours.  No hassle of making the subs/sandwiches/meals yourself. You don't have to deliver them or tell your potential buyers they can only get them on one specific day at a specific time.
  4. Lastly you hand your generous participants the specific amount of cards they purchase right there as you collect their payment. That's it, your done. Now they can go anytime before the expiration date and use the card.

Does it get any easier than that?

If you have a specific event date we can cater that to.  We will deliver any large catering order.

Why use Pita Pit for your Fundraising?

  • You are selling them a healthy, high quality, fresh, made to order Pita or salad.
  • Your buyers will have more options and varieties. They now can choose from over 20 different Pitas then add any of our 30+ fresh toppings and sauces.
  • No more going back and delivering any subs/sandwiches/chicken etc.
  • No more making anything, no messy bags with rolls, butter, napkins etc.
  • Your buyers don't have one specific day they must be there at one specific time during the day.
  • No more soggy bread, stale pretzels, cold meals. They'll get their purchase fresh and made to order right in front of them at their convenience.
  • We are locally owned and operated so there's always someone close by to help resolve any issues, answer questions, and/or to assist in your efforts.
  • We'll help promote your organization through our various social media sites as well.

Schedule Your Catering Today! Contact Andrew at 717.689.3126 or 215.681.6862