About Pita Pit in Elizabethtown

The Pita Pit in Elizabethtown is a locally owned and operated family business.  Our family; Andy, Jamie, Isla, Siena, and Lucca (yes all girls) live two blocks from the front door.  You'll often find us here.  Andy grew up right here in E-town.

Our family needs requires us to focus on what we eat and what's in our food.  This has brought us to Pita Pit.  It's a great franchise that focuses on healthy eating while allowing us to branch out and buy many of our products locally.  We don't use all the harmful ingredients you'll find in food these days.  Not sugar, we salt to taste, no unnatural preservatives/additives.  We make almost all our sauces homemade weekly and sometimes daily. 

We believe you don’t need to sacrifice your health to get a quick, tasty meal. But we do believe in having some fun.  We try to balance healthy eating with great flavor.  That’s why we start with our unique soft and roll-able pita bread, then fill it with your choice of lean, grilled meats, fresh vegetables, flavorful cheeses, and savory sauces. It’s Fresh Thinking, Healthy Eating.

Pita Pit is the future of quick, casual foodservice. We call it Fresh Thinking—Healthy Eating. People are changing the way they eat—they want something unique and healthy—and Pita Pit delivers in an innovative way.

We Deliver 7 Days a Week 11am to 9pm

We Cater! Fundraise for your Group/Organization/Sports Team/Etc.!

Our Pitas – At Pita Pit, we don’t do things the conventional way; we never have and we never will. Ultimately, this approach starts with our bread—the pita. Our pitas aren’t the boring, stiff, fold-over-type pitas—they’re unique. They are custom-designed to wrap around our delicious, lean grilled meats, fresh toppings, cheeses, and sauces, so it can be eaten and enjoyed anywhere. Yes, anywhere—the office desk, walking down the street, driving the car, or on the dance floor!

We offer two sizes of Pita our standard 9 inch and our 6 1/2 inch, fresh salads, and lettuce wraps.

Our Pitas feature less carbs, lean grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and choice – over 18 septillion different combinations. As if that wasn’t good enough, our pitas come in white and whole wheat with NO preservatives and NO additives, just all natural, 100% vegan and 100% delicious ingredients. If you’re not in the mood for a Pita, you can get any one of our pita options ‘Fork Style’ which comes as a salad!

Breakfast Pita's ALL-DAY

Double Meat every Wednesday only $0.99